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Tue, July 28, 2015
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ACHA Brochures for Young Adults
ACHA understands young adults’ need for accurate, easy-to-read information presented in a nonjudgmental manner. Each brochure emphasizes awareness, risk reduction, and prevention. Supplement your educational programs with ACHA brochures, and you can be confident you are providing the best information available. Each brochure is the result of extensive research by ACHA staff or volunteer members.

ACHA Publications for Professionals
In addition to brochures for young adults, we offer comprehensive publications and research survey results to help you further your professional development. These publications provide you with practical guidelines and comprehensive information on college health issues and data.

ACHA Online Continuing Education
In an effort to enhance your CE opportunities, we have captured select audio/PowerPoint presentations from our Annual Meeting. The downloads are available for purchase and continuing education credit is offered for an additional fee. Click on the Online Continuing Education product category above for further details.

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CLICK HERE to download the ACHA Publications Catalog in PDF format. Included are order forms for placing your order by mail or fax if required.

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If you'd like to review a free sample of any of our brochures before ordering, or if you have questions, please call (410) 859-1500 or email pubs@acha.org.

For questions about Online CE: OnlineCE@acha.org

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